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Advances in digital technology, the Internet and social media has reduced the costs associated with audio, video and written word applications by way of website presentations, Blogs, Video Streaming and PodCasts. Therefore the relative costs of establishing your voice, trademark, product, concept and/or BRAND, is now financially feasible.

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Our service develops and launches your Internet presence by way of a website or blog on the World Wide Web with an annual renewal option.In addition to establishing your Internet presence you have an opportunity to learn how to manage and update your website.

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Recent Podcasts Jump 2 Overview

We are exploring Video Podcasts, and clip applications on our Internet platforms, vis-à-vis,,,, as well as in the service cache of Spike It Public Relations. We believe that Video Podcasts and Video Clipapplications propel website platforms to new levels. Hence, the impossible may become the possible…
Skull & Bones
Aug 18, 2016
Council on Foreign Relations
Aug 4, 2016
Bilderberg Group
July 7, 2016
Political Apocalypse
April 7, 2016
Political Crisis
March 17, 2016
Politics Run-A-Muk
March 3, 2016

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