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SPIKE IT PUBLIC RELATIONS has formulated an entrepreneurial initiative targeted to individuals with basic computer skills interested in training to establish a website development enterprise. You will be trained in our unique system of website basic design, development and management and following the successful completion of the training process, you will be prepared to resell our service under your own brand/company and develop your target market.


All you need to have are basic computer skills such as, creating word documents, scanning photo, audio, video and pdf files. Internet navigating, creating, opening and sending emails and attachments are necessary skills.  Training is individualized, and you work at you own pace, at home on your own computer. Communication during the training process may be done by phone, Skype, or email whatever is most convenient.


The cost of entrepreneurial training varies based on the website development package that you chose to engage: Elite, Basic, Comprehensive, and Entrepreneurial.

For more information go to our Contact Us page and type Entrepreneurial Opportunity in the subject area. Let’s begin the conversation