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The company’s scope is global in nature by way of the background and experience of the president who has traveled to Japan and South Korea, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada. The president has never traveled as a tourist to these various venues.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the research & development component of the company will be animated by the skills, and experience of Mr. Thomas Kent Jr., and Rev. Beulah Leslie James.

Mr. Kent will engage in mergers, acquisitions and emerging markets

Tom is a member of the emerging demographic as he is now north of the age 40, and is eager to demonstrate his capacity to successfully navigate and negotiate from the wilderness to world, such as it is… We have enjoyed an informal relationship for more than a decade, and is also known as our mentee… Tom is among the “Trust Fund” college demographic who became successful within the Wall Street culture. His background and experience is capital markets, and he will begin with us when he returns from his extensive travel schedule, which includes China and Australia.  We will announce Tom’s arrival…

Rev. Beulah Leslie James Faith Based Initiatives in target regions

Rev. James retired from the African Methodist Episcopal Church after serving for 20 years, in Buffalo New York, Seaford Delaware New Jersey and Queens New York City. She has extensive experience in the southern region of Africa where she enjoys strong interfaith links. She specializes in education, health and entrepreneurial initiatives, in the USA and sub-Saharan Africa. Rev. James is a professor of religious studies at a college in Florida, has a local ministry and is the CEO of The JC Group, Inc.